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Our approach to fees

At Five Rivers, our aim is to operate a transparent, fair and open policy on fees so you will always have clarity on what you are being charged for and why. We will :-

Only quote for an assignment once we have had the chance to fully discuss your requirements and understand your needs. Whilst we would normally prefer to come out and see you before quoting, we understand that sometimes that may not be possible, in which case we will try and organise a phone call or video conference,
Only charge you for the work we are going to do for you and our quote will itemise each aspect of the assignment individually,
Agree and fix our fees for an assignment at the start and will not change them for its duration unless the scope of the work changes. Where that does happen, we will discuss that with you in advance and will not charge you for anything without your express agreement,
Not charge by the hour so there won't there be any surprises or extra charges for phone calls, letters, emails or visits to see you - its all part of the service,
Set out our agreement with you out in an Engagement Letter at the start of the assignment which will detail in writing the work we have agreed to do for you and what we will charge for it. As well as protecting you, it also ensures,
Collect our fees through a monthly direct debit which we will ask you to set up at the start of the assignment. Our clients find that this both allows them to spread the cost evenly across the year and ensures that their conversations with us are focused on business and not fees.

Are Five Rivers expensive ?

Whist it is true that in general, you tend to get what you pay for, our fees are always competitive and almost invariably lower than our larger rivals. Unlike them :-

We don't carry expensive fixed overheads such as fancy offices, large marketing budgets or lots of support staff. These savings can therefore be passed on to you without any reduction in the quality of service we offer
We fix our fees and don't charge by the hour. That means you can ask us for all the advice you need, whenever you need it, in the safe knowledge that its not going on to your bill and give to a nasty shock later on
If we think there are things you can sensibly do yourself, we will give you the help, encouragement and training you need to enable you to do so. We firmly believe that you should not have to any pay unnecessary fees and and working this way allows you to keep your costs under control.

As a result, we are confident that on a like-for-like basis, we can offer you a service equal to or better than our larger rivals, but at a significantly lower cost  than them.

Good professional advice doesn’t have to cost the earth and here at Five Rivers, we do everything we can to make sure that it doesn’t.
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