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Book Keeping

Keeping accurate and up to date books of account is an essential undepinning of any well run business and at Five Rivers, we will work with you to make sure that your business does that well. In addition, ongoing changes to legislation mean that the use of accounting software is increasingly becoming a necessity for all businesses, irrespective of size or complexity. We will :

Invest the time and effort to either give you the help you need to do your own book-keeping or else do it for you, ensuring either way that your books are always up to date and accurate;
Help you choose the right accounting software for your business, set it up correctly and train you up to use it properly ;
Ensure that you understand what your books are telling you about your business, and explain away the jargon and technical terminology that often underpins accounts

Annual Accounts

The annual accounts for a business provide a snapshot of performance at a given point of time and used properly, will be be an essential part of your toolkit for running your business.  

Prepare you annual accounts from your books of record in accordance with current Accounting Standards, ready for submission to the relevant authorities
For limited companies, ensure your accounts are in addition, prepared in accordance with relevant legislation and file them at Companies House
Spend time to talk you through your accounts and explain what each line means and tells you about your business
Offer suggestions for business improvement based upon the informaton coming through from your accounts

Management Accounts

The overwhelming majority of businesses receive their annual accounts many months after the end of their financial year – sometimes up to a year later. Whilst they may provide interesting insights into business performance, it is too late by then to take corrective action on any adverse trends that emerge. Knowing your financial performance as you go along therefore is much more valuable as it affords you the opportunity to fix problems as they crop up. Management accounts which show your business performance within the year represent best practice in the world of big business and at Five Rivers, it is something we are keen to bring to the small business world. The increasing use of accounting software means that management accounts can be produced easily and cost effectively for small businesses and the insight and discussion that we add will ensure that they quickly pay for themselves. We can help you :

Prepare management accounts from your records on a monthly or quarterly basis
Prepare analyses from your numbers of key trends and metrics that reveal what really going on with your business
Sit with you and discuss what the accounts are telling you about your business and offer constructive suggestions for improvements


If you are employing people within your business, or operate a limited company and need to pay yourself, the chances are that you will need to operate a payroll to ensure that you remain compliant.  Employing staff also comes with the additional requirement of having to comply with legislation on pensions. At Five Rivers, we can help you :   

Set up and operate a payroll, making the necessary RTI returns to HMRC each week or month
Help you set up and run your pension scheme and ensure information on contributions is correctly returned to your pensions provider
Ensure your annual reporting obligations are met on a timely basis

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