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One of the things that sets Fiver Rivers apart from other most other accountancy practices is our vast experience of real business. Prior to going it alone, Syd qualified as a charted acountant with KPMG (one of the world’s largest accountancy and consultancy firms) has worked in some of the UK’s largest and best run businesses such as Jewson, Booker, Saint-Gobain and Electrocomponents.  He has a very strong grasp of what “good” looks like and is keen to share those insights with you to help improve your business and sustain it for the long term

Profit Improvement

Business owners are often so busy with the day-to-day running of their businesses that they rarely have time to stand back and look at their business with a critical eye. That’s where Five Rivers can come in and using your numbers, help you take a dispassionate objective look at your business and its profitability. The kinds of areas we can advise on include:   

Pricing policy - are you sure you are chargng you customers an economic price for your products and services ?
Procurement - is your purchasing the most cost effective and are your suppliers delivering value for money ?
Inventory - are you holding the right amount of the right kinds of stock ?
Working Capital Management and Cash flow - is your business starved of cash because you have too much money tied up in debtors and stock ?
Financing - does your bank deliver you value for money or are there better ways of raising finance for your business ?

Investments and Asset Purchases

Investments in plant, equipment and premises are often amongst the largest outlays that a business will make so ensuring that your investments are made effectively is crucial to your ongoing success.

Deciding on the best way to finance an asset purchase is a headache that most business owners face at some point or the other – is it better to lease, or to buy ? Should you use your own cash or borrow it from a bank ?

And what will an asset purchase mean for your business’ tax bill ? What capital allowances are available ? 

At Five Rivers, we have extensive experience of the tax system and keep up to date with the latest changes in legislation – this means we can help you navigate the choices in front of you so that you arrive at the best outcome for your business. We can evaluate different options available to you and present you with reasoned logical choices which you can act upon. 

Business Acquisitions and Disposals

When your business gets to a point that want to expand it through an acquisition or you have decided to call it a day and retire, there are many considerations that need to be brought into the equation before deciding upon the best route forward. Five Rivers can help you with the planning and implementation of these major changes by:

Helping you put together a business plan for your proposal
Assisting you in getting a business finance should you need it
Evaluating the tax implications of your decisions and presenting you with alternatives where they are available
Helping you implement your plan

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