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Preparing and filing your own tax returns can be a long and laborious task that requires alot of time and patience, which is often against you when faced with an impending HMRC deadline. Personal Tax Returns can be very confusing if you’ve never done them before, and if you don’t understand what you’re doing you could run the risk of paying too much tax or incurring an expensive penalty from HMRC for completing your tax return incorrectly or filing it late. So whether you are:

  • Self employed as a sole trader
  • A freelancer or contractor
  • A landlord
  • A Company director
  • A Higher rate tax payer
  • An expatriate

We can save you time and help you avoid any nasty penalties

At Five Rivers, we are experts in preparing annual tax returns. Our qualified Chartered Accountants (who are regulated by the ICAEW) will take the information you provide and prepare your tax return within your required timescale, saving you time and ensuring you make the most of the tax savings available to you. We will

Complete your tax return accurately and on time to avoid any penalties
Ensure all allowable expenses are claimed for
Treat any losses correctly to ensure they are used in the most efficient way possible
Minimise your tax bill as much as the law allows
Help you take care of your tax administrationand compliance duties
Claim any refunds due for you


Legislation on VAT is complex detailed and considerable. We can help you make sense of the VAT regulations as they apply to your business and where (in the most obscure of cases) we don’t know the answer ourselves, we have access to people who do – making sure your business stays on the right side of the law.

Businesses with annual sales above the VAT threshold of £85,000 must register for both VAT and Making Tax Digital – but there can sometimes be advantages for businesses below the threshold to register for VAT too. Here at Five Rivers, we can help you evaluate your options so you always make the best decision for you. 

We will

Ensure your business complies with VAT registration rules
Where you have the choice, give you the best advice on whether VAT registration is the right option for you
Help you account for VAT correctly where you need to
Prepare and submit your quarterly VAT returns

Corporation Taxes

All companies pay corporation tax irrespective of size but recent changes announced by the Chancellor have meant that the amount of tax you pay will vary depending upon the level of profitability of the business. We can take away your corporation tax headaches and ensure that

Your Corporation Tax returns are correctly completed and submitted on time
Capital allowances claims are properly made on all qualifying capital expenditure including any claims for Super deductions and AIA's
Any loss relief is claimed and used in the most tax efficient way possible

Construction Industry Scheme

If you work in the construction industry, its quite probable that you need to deal with the rules of the Construction Industry Scheme. If you are VAT registered too, you will doubtless also be a little worried about the recently introduced requirements around applying the VAT reverse charge. We can take all of that worry away from you and help you deal with your CIS concerns by making sure that  

Your subcontractors receive their payslips on time
Your CIS returns are submitted to HMRC on time
Your invoices are fully compliant with the recently introduced reverse charge regulations (if they apply to your business)
All of your CIS deductions are properly reflected in your tax returns and and any refunds are remitted back to you

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